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Jamiat Ka Tarana To download all of the latest MP3 taranay visit... checkout some other latest Taranay also in this channel # Aaisa na Honay dain gay # Aankh Utha Taray Lye # Aay Chashm-e-Fitrat Gawah rehna # Aik din Rasool-e-Pak nay # Ajeeb Ghumnaak Daastan hay # Arz-e-Kashmeer say Aatee hay yay Dildoz sada # Awaaz main Awaaz do # Azm-o-Himmat Rafta # Butoon ki Qudaiee ko Pamaal kar k # Inqilab Aa kar Rahay Ga # Inqilab Dushmano ...

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