Call Of Duty Zombies Rap " Never Forgotten"

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This video deserves your Rape Training guys! Do your Thing! Check out the creator of this amazing song! [EXPAND FOR DOWNLOAD LINK/LYRICS/OTHER INFO!] Twitter - Facebook - Livestream - Please rate and spread this video with a friend if you enjoyed =] ITUNES DOWNLOAD LINK - Music produced by RaCharmMusic. LYRICS- Ladies and Gentleman - Modern Warfare 3 is upon us. And I believe as gamers it is only right to pay our respects. This is goodbye, but not for forever. an Ode to Zombies. I remember the days - feels so vivid back in '08 I'm not kidding/ I gamed just as much as I do now and I did plenty killing/ But the game that had me hooked was Zombies in CoD: World at War/ It was something new and addicting man I swear my thumbs were soar/ Protect the windows or the door and if not what unleashed was gore/ Nazi whores plagued the floors it's my favorite memory was it yours?/ All the more reason to top my score this song's for pleading I want more/ Please don't leave me with Spec Ops cuz I swear it won't restore/ That need for killing all the horde of enemies thrown at us/ With my MP40 I aim at their heads and I watch 'em combust/ What's the rush? We stayed up for hours to reach that next wave/ Even left my Xbox on so I wouldn't have to restart the next day [CHORUS] ZOMBIES - THIS IS ZOMBIES - Goodbye ZOMBIES - But not for good ZOMBIES - Goodbye ZOMBIES - You can't stay - We wish you would When we're spending all our time playing Modern Warfare 3 We'll be wishing we could get a special mappack with Nazi Zombies I will defend you with all these rhymes and I swear that it would be A great happening if you didn't leave I think we'd all agree I think you all agree that Zombies meant a lot to me/ I commend all of the support do you remember all the sprees?/ Remember all the Crawlers as we dropped the Zombies to their knees/ While trying to comprehend the story n easter egg debris?/ Do you remember "Ascend From Darkness" on Kino and Der Riese?/ Swear I listened to The Syndicate Project for intel on these/ As a matter of fact he taught me the art of running Rape Trains/ And for that I thank you sir I've watched you since last November make way/ For all the guns we Packed A Punch I loved this game it was date rape/ Because in the end the Zombies were victorious and they claimed/ Their rightful place in the Call of Duty world regardless of our perks/ Jugg can't help us and this hurts like a PHD Flopper burst! [CHORUS] Zombies this is where we part and though you told an epic tale/ This goodbye just seems so hard I remember all that you unveiled/ We rescued Tank, Dr. Ed, Masaki, and Nikolai from jail/ Equipped with Wonder Weapons the Ray and Thunder Gun prevailed/ I remember standing at the Mystery Box from the Fire Sale/ Hoping for the best wishing that you won't stop and become avail-/ -able once again to the players take the Teleporter man!/ 'Else I'll need a Carpenter Powerup cuz my heart's been impaled!/ This won't be the last time that we turn the power on I promise/ When you return you'll be embraced with hours played we'll pay homage/ Thank you World at War and Black Ops for bringing us something new/ Thank you Treyarch and Zombies we went through this war..for you [CHORUS] This..has been an ode to Zombies. In which most of us spent hours on end playing to see just how far we could get. It meant bragging rights, and bags under our eyes, but in the was bonus content to a game that became much more than that. And I'll be ready for its return. Thank you for listening. My name is Iniquity...remember the name.

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