Alex S. - Party With Pinkie

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This song is dedicated to the one and only Pinkie Pie. Facebook Like Page: I've combined every one of her solo songs (as in, everything except Winter Wrap Up and At The Gala) into one huge glitchy song. And it's electro! Pinkie Songs Used: - Evil Enchantress - Singing Telegram - Cupcakes - Giggle At The Ghostly - First Gala Song - We Gotta Share - Hop Skip and Jump Thanks to The Living Tombstone for the epic solo! This is gonna be my last pony song FOR A SHORT WHILE (calm down). I needa give my nonbrony fans a break from this ponyspam lol. Trust me, once Season 2 comes around, there'll be much more to music to get to. Download Link: Completion Time: 53 hours


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