Na tha kuch to Khuda tha kuch na hota by Jagjit Singh

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A rare ghazal by Mirza Ghalib sung by Jagjit Singh in a live concert. Na Tha Kuchch To Khuda Tha, Kuchch Na Hota To Khuda Hota Duboya Mujhko Hone Ne, Na Hota Main To Kya Hota ? Huaa Jab Gham Se Yoon Behis To Gham Kya Sar Ke Katne Ka Na Hota Gar Juda Tan Se To Zaanoon Par Dhara Hota Huee Muddat Ke 'ghalib' Mar Gaya Par Yaad Aata Hai Wo Har Ek Baat Pe Kehana, Ke Yoon Hota To Kya Hota ? ...

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