SUPER HERO ANGRY BIRDS ♫ 3D ANIMATION SPOOF ☺ trailer like valentine rio seasons xmas

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A 3D Animation of the ANGRY BIRDS as SUPER HEROES trying to get the pigs. Spiderman Batman Superman SpiderBird BatBird SuperBird & the mighty eagle. Have fun and COMMENT..... Animated Trailer of Angry Birds Seasons: SUPER HERO edition . Music by DoKashiteru Watch the Birds turn into Heroes and get the Pigs. Ignore the following tags: superhero superheroes superman batman spiderman angry birds seasons angrybirdsseasons Christmas X-mas xmas winter maemo n900 iphone Shoot shooting castle destruction blast flying flight crush catapult explosions slingshot explosive egg cartoon comic speed pigs swine flu hunt stars high score arcade Rovio Mobile addictive trailer cinematic walkthrough widescreen theme music game gaming android s^3 Valentine' day valentine Rio rio

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