WWE All Stars Brock Lesnar CAW with Formula + Gameplay

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WWE All Stars Brock Lesnar CAW with Formula + Gameplay vs Hulk Hogan FORMULA:- NAME: Brock Lesnar FINISHER: attitude adjustment MOVESET:jack swagger HEIGHT: 6'3 FACE TYPE 6 HEAD SHAPE: 86 / 99 / 58 / 54 SKULL SHAPE: 0 / 59 / 43 / 0 / 50 / 50 EYE COLOR: EYE BROWS: 45 COLOR: 2/4/5 HAIR: 38 HAIR COLOR:1/4/4 HAIRLINE: 6 COLOR:0/4/7 SKIN TYPE: 1 DEFINITION: 6 OVERALL SCALE: 56 CHEST: 78 / 65 / 50 SHOULDERS: 71 / 70 / 74 ABDOMEN: 45 / 41 / 44 WAIST: 58 / 45 ARMS: 76 / 65 HANDS SCALE: 50 LEGS: 60 /56 FEET: 54 BACK TATOO:2 COLOR BOTH:0/1/10 ARM TATOO:48 COLOR BOTH:0/1/10 ARM GEAR / wrists / 2 COLOR : BLACK TIGHTS STYLE: 2 COLOR 1: black COLOR 2: black KNEE PADS BOTH: 8 COLOR 1:0/1/10 COLOR 2:0/1/10 BOOTS AND SHOES STYLE: 8 COLOR 1: black COLOR 2: black For More All Star Videos :- http://www.youtube.com/user/VivekPremGamers?feature=mhum#p/c/262E46318B470201 Game used : wwe All stars Genere :Xbox 360/Wrestling mode :caw Captured using :Easy cap 2.0 Recorded using : Inter video winDVR 3.0 Rendered using :ulead videostudio 10 FOR MORE VIDEOS:- http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=vivekpremgamers _____________________________________________ Tags:- wwe all stars brock lesnar caw with formula how to create a dolph ziggler goldberg british bulldog fantasy warfare path of champions the rock triple h shawn michaels edge randy orton john cena undertaker xbox 360 live ps3 online ps2 psp wii demo gameplay unlockables dlc svr smackdown vs raw 2011 2012 entrance free download game style promo match types raw wrestlemania 27 results miz yt:quality=high vivekpremgamers

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