Charmed Life (Spanking story) - Ch. 2

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Denise:"Joseph!.. honey wake up" I opened my eyes.. looked around I was in my bed.. and it was morning.. Joe:"good morning mommy" she smiled Denise:"You look sooo cute in those Pajamas.. let me get a picture!" she snapped a picture and I looked down at my clothes.. Barney Footie Pajamas that my grandparents got me.. Joe:"awh man.. are you serious! Momma.. Pleaseee delete that picture!!" Denise:"no... you just look so cute!" I sat up.. and rolled my eyes.. Joe:"everytime I fall asleep before bedtime I wake up in this embarrassing thing" I stood up turned around to get more clothes.. she started laughing and took another picture.. I rolled my eyes and Kevin walked in.. and he busted out in laughter too.. I looked back at them.. "why are you guys laughing?" Kevin:"Your butt window is open!" I looked at him confused.. then looked back and the little flap thing on my butt came undone.. so my bare bottom was hanging out.. I quickly buttoned it up and my face was bright red with embarrassment.. Joe:"Mommm please tell me you didn't take a picture of that?" Denise:"awh.. of course I did! your cute little tushy still looks the same now as it did when you were 2.. you still got that cute little bubble butt!" Kevin started laughing harder.. Joe:"mommmmy!! Can we pleaseee stop talking about my butt!" she laughed Denise:"no need to be embarrassed honey.." Kevin walked over and stood behind me Kev:"awhh.. your tushy is so cutee.. you just wanna pinch those cheeks!" he pinched my butt ...

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