Vikraal Aur Gabraal : Doosri Dulhan (Part 2/6)

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Sameera, Deepak, Jugal and Piyush - four young people working with a TV channel, cover odd people and bizarre events. They go to Rajasthan in search of a man reputed to have the longest moustache in the world. On their hunt for the man, they land up at the haveli of the Pahadi Raja - a mystical figure who is allegedly a vampire! The one-hour shoot with the raja turns into a nightmare, and bad weather forces the youngsters to stay back at the haveli. The sophisticated raja slowly transforms from the charmer to the hunter. He seduces his victims one by one, so that he can unite with the love of his life - who has been reborn as the beautiful VJ Sameera! Will the raja succeed in his evil mission?


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