The Ultimate Soles Compilation - Best Of The Web - Part 5

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Possibly my last one, or maybe I'll do one more and that will be it. The music used in this slideshow is a remixed/arranged version from a side-scrolling shoot-em-up computer/console game from the early 90s, called 'Jim Power'. The dude it appears is performing the whole thing on electric guitar (and fucking impressively too If I might add...) so essentialy, do please shower the 'arranger/remixer/guitarist' behind this piece of music you're hearing. It's composer, Chris Hülsbeck is well reknowned in and around the gaming industry and has been in the business (gaming industry) for 20 odd years and he still composes/makes music for games. This is a remixed/arranged track that features in that game that I mentioned, if i'm not mistaken it appeared first on the Commodore Amiga and then later there were Snes and Megadrive versions too. Here are links of the music accompanied by the game footage, one for the amiga and the other the SNES. (music begins around 15:04) (Super Nintendo, or 'Super Famicom' if you were living in se asia...) btw folks - if you want to make slideshows like these, DVD's, VCD's as well as the ability to make impressive professional looking title editing etc etc.... MPEG Video Wizard DVD is what you need.

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