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A song about Cellular Respiration, based on Black Eyed Pea's "I Gotta Feeling." Lyrics written by, song performed by, and Powerpoint slide show done by a simple high school science teacher named Mr. Hsu. mp3 available (finally): c3po.barnesos.net This song and video have been made solely for educational purposes. Its level of depth and detail into the process of cellular respiration are aimed at High School Honors Biology students (at least the ones I teach). If you find any errors or omissions (ie I didn't mention 1,3-biphosphoglycerate), this is due to the fact that I'm not teaching AP Biology or college-level Biology AND I'm being constrained by describing such a complex biochemical process through a fairly recent pop song with incredibly repetitive lyrics. I actually performed this song for my students in class the day before our cellular respiration test. If you're lucky, you might find a video of such a live performance somewhere in the vast internet (quite a few of them were recording me singing it in class, after all). This video is a result of me taking a simple digital camera and aiming it at my computer to try and record the performance my students experienced (so sorry for the crude recording and poor quality). I have recorded an mp3, and if I have time, I will find a place to upload it for public download, so that other Biology students can listen and study for their tests on cellular respiration. Also, if I have time, I may upload a better version of this ...

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