~Soul Eater OP2~Paper Moon~[English Fandub]

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~Sounds slightly better with headphones on~ Original : Tommy Heavenly6 Anime : Soul Eater Instrumental: hakiiibeat Vocals and Mixing : SukiChann Thank you to pianoac for suggesting I should cover this !~ He did a piano version of this song and it's pretty awesome =D Go check him out : http://www.youtube.com/user/pianoac I think I could have done better but I didn't really have a lot of time so it's a little rushed.Anyways I hope you enjoy!~ Lyrics : I'm falling Down into my shadow. I'm holding my breath, and waiting Deadly Night. Don't Scary! If you want to see, you can see for yourself See any world at all. See you in your dreams, Yeah Baby, even if they're bad dreams! Fairy Blue, for you, I destroyed the stars, and hung up a BLACK PAPER MOON. If you believe in me, when you're Lost "Here" right now "Forever" with your soul. If you look up, I'll be there shining Just like the moon.

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