Don't waste your time on other Swagbucks hack / bot confirmed working 7.29.2010

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EDIT NEW LINK LESS BUGS MORE SWAGBUCKS spots are goin quick! READ THIS Entire script below. My movie capture thing is being dumb. This seriously works. no bullshit, no scams, simple and pretty easy. better than the 'hacks' that dont work, i explain everything thoroughly. use this instead of an amazon, paypal generator, because there is no such thing! money generators/giftcard generators are all fake :) Hey Guys, I've discovered a weakness in the new Swagbucks website. (watch whole thing for additional info at the end.) There is a way to access restricted files and modify them, including the ones that store the amount of Swagbucks you have, your name, etc. This means you can change your username, swagbucks amount, etc. For a light user, (5 min to 10 min a day) this could take up to one month. I will show you what I mean. Please note that only your name and swagbucks amount can be changed, not the prices of the items, though it wouldnt matter because you have so many swagbucks. I have not discovered anything else you can change yet. keep posted. Because of the amount of things you can get with this hack, I advise you NOT to order more than one thing a month. This month I got an iPhone(didnt say what gen) Ok. now lets see how to get this! Keep in mind this is a hack (somewhat) and you might get ip banned. dont let this scare you, because if you get banned just message/comment and i will show you how to use proxies to get a new ip address, which literally takes 5 ...


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