How to To install the Homebrew Channel on 4.2U, 4.2E, 4.2J

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Here is how to install the homebrew channel on 4.2U Download File: 1. Download File 2. Exract to the Root of your SD card 3. Put into your wii and click the SD menu 4. Press Yes 5. Click Continue Install Homebrew Channel 6. --OPTIONAL-- Install DVDX 7. Exit 8. After you click Exit you'll be on the Homebrew Channel Links: Apps: (PUT ALL YOUR APPS IN A FOLDER CALLED Apps) Wii Roms: (This will bring you to a search not a site) If your computer can not open the file please use winrar or email me at for a new file. Join my chat: Q/A Q:Can this damage my wii? A:Its VERY VERY Unlikely i've done this about 4 times now hasnt happened and i havent heared of any cases! Q:Is this illiagle A:Only if you use Roms without owning them or installing wads it is other than that No but it will void your warrenty. Q:How many apps do you have??!?!!?!? A:I have a 2gb SD Card so about 12 currently i also have alot of cheats for Brawl and stuff on it. Q:Can you do it for me. A:No, Im no damn monkey Q:HOW DID YOU GET THOOSE CHANNELS??? A:All the channels like SMB,SMB3,Zelda,ect I bought legaly on the Shop Channel. Q:Why when I press Yes it freezes or Makes a noies??? A:Your wii is connected to the internet DISABLE Wii connect 24 and try again ethire that or your wii wont allow it. Q:BannerBomb? A:Its a app. Q:Bootmii? A:Installs things. Q:How do I install wads? A:I dont know Search it! Q:THIS ($(!)#! THING IS CRAP A:My ...

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