Warning! Peep Hole in Mens Room "Pervert Park"

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at the schenectady Central Park Mens Room there is a peep hole that weirdos use to spy on others who use the Urinals- IN THE NEWS! "Video helps police make three arrests" Men in city park charged with lewdness Thursday, August 14, 2008 By Steven Cook Gazette Reporter SCHENECTADY — Complaints from the public, as well as intricately made videos from an apparent YouTube vigilante, have led to public lewdness or soliciting charges against three men arrested in Central Park, police said. City police, with help from state police, staked out a portion of the park off Fehr Avenue Tuesday morning and witnessed two men masturbating in a public area and another man soliciting an undercover officer, police said. The stakeout came about after complaints in recent weeks but also after police were made aware of videos posted to the YouTube video-sharing Web site by someone apparently wishing to expose the activity. Whoever posted the videos, however, apparently never contacted police directly, police department spokesman Lt. Brian Kilcullen said. Instead, he or she simply posted the videos to YouTube, titling one "Pervert Park," and set them to music, accusing the men in the videos of being there for sex. Kilcullen said police responded. "Any complaints made directly to us, we'll act on it," he said. "The video wasn't brought to our attention by the person who posted it." Charged Tuesday with public lewdness, a misdemeanor Childs and DiGirolamo are accused ...


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