Jai Mata Di. Pavagadh Wali Maa Ne Bula Hi Liya

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VCD Gifted : coolpraks @ Prakash Patel Album : Pavagadhwali Meri Maiya Track : Pavagadhwali Maa Ne Bula Hi Liya Singer : Priya Bhattacharya Presentation : T-Series Story : It is said that the king Vanaraj Chavada {Gujrat} established Champaner at the foot of Pavagadh in fond memory of his wise minister Champa. Later, the Patai Raval family ruled it and took care of the boundary. The folk tales say that Mahakali assumed the form of a woman and danced in a Garba during Navaratri. The last Patai Jaisinh watched her with dirty looks. The deity became angry at Jai Singh and cursed him. As a result, the emperor of Gujarat, Muhammad Begda assaulted Pavagadh and won the hill on the boundary. Patai was defeated and killed.The temple of Kali is at the height of 550 metres (1,523 feet). Now-a-days the rope-way facility has been made available to the tourists to reach the temple. About 250 steps have to be climbed from there.

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