Someday - Shahrukh & Kajol {Love Story}

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High Quality i jus love this song and these two Bollywood Stars. *Someday - Raymon Ramnarine {Trini} Raymond started his music career at the tender age of 9 years. His love for Indian music has grown tremendously, ever since the early days of Dil-E-Nadaan. In 1985 and 1988 he toured Canada with Dil-E-Nadaan. In 1989 he composed the test-piece "Dostaana" for Saaj Sammelan. Raymond started his 'singing' career then and won the Nationwide Duet Singing Competition together with Saraswatie Maharaj. In 1991 he toured Jamaica and entered Mastana Bahar and attained 1st place in the Preliminaries and Semi Finals, and 2dn place in the Gtand Final. Also appeared that year at the Indian Cultural Pageant to serenade the queens. Raymond is today regarded as our most electryfying stage performer. He continues to attract endless attention whenever he performs and is still regarded as our heartrob.

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