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Aliens on the Dollar Bill: this is like the Department of Treasury stating that space beings not only control our currency but also our government. Disinformation tactics are usually visible and made public whereas genuine information or truth is often kept secret from the public and like in this example, almost invisible to the naked eye. I have been using this currency my whole life and it is only until recently that I have discovered this strange symbolism. I had known about the Bohemian Owl on the Dollar Bill and I assumed for this video that many others knew about it already, so my goal in this video was to expose the Alien creatures and TO ASSOCIATE THEM with the Owl on the Dollar Bill. For the record, I have no clue as to what these creatures are, only the US government really knows their meaning but I am able to discern that aliens are very much like celestial beings or what I label fallen angels of which not all are anthropomorphic in appearance. Aliens may also be hybrid creatures or half-breeds like the nephilim. (Others interpret Aliens to be Demons or strictly nonphysical entities.) Text from the video: 1) Owl Eye Symbolism used to describe an Alien Creature / Encounter 2) A Child is Abducted without a Trace: The Fourth Kind (2009) Background: The Fourth Kind (2009) Section(s) of Plot: At 3:33 am the deputy awakens to something in the sky. He then rushes into the house to find Ashley has gone missing. A hysterical Abbey claims Ashley was lifted through the ...

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