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Nepal masjid (urta gumbad).mujza Ye Nipaal me masjid ka minaar bnaya gaya us pe Gumbad rakhny k liye Krain mangi gai to Non Muslims ney kaha k apny Rab se kaho wo tumhari madad kary. wahan k Imam ko Khwab me Nabi Akram PBUH ki ziarat hui . Ap ne farmaya k is Gumbad p sufaid kapra dal do. and dekho Gumbad hawa main tairta hua kesy apni jaga pr fit hota hai.............This miracle occurred in Nepal when Muslims built a Mosque and asked for a Crane to put Dome on the top of the Mosque. Non-Muslims (Buddhists) of Nepal refused to give them help and told them to ask for Help from their ALLAH. Then the Imam of that Mosque had a Ziarat of our Beloved Prophet (pbuh) and He asked Imam to bind a White C...loth on the Dome. Now, watch how the Dome was miraculously lifted up all by itself and got fixed on the top of the Mosque. WE are the Ummah of the Last Prophet Hazrat Mohammad Mustufa (SAW) pbuh and in HIS Ummah, Miracles can and Do take place Category:

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