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Kaliyon Ka Chaman by UMI10 Meghna Naidu who is a Tamil-Telugu actress born 19 September 1980 in Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh, India. The original song "Thora Resham Lagta Hai" was by Lata Mangeshkar for the 1981 film "Jyoti". The history behind "Truth Hurts" and this song "Kaliyon Ka Chaman": "Truth Hurts" first appeared on Busta Rhymes' 2001 hit single "Break Ya Neck" as a background vocalist. For her first solo LP "Truthfully Speaking", issued in 2002, she enlisted the production talents of Dr Dre, Timbaland, Hi-Tek, and DJ Quik. Her debut single, "Addictive," was a Top 10 hit in the USA, and featured a verse from hip hop artist, Rakim. Though the original song, "Thoda Resham Lagta Hai" by Lata Mangeshkar, was used as the main base of the track within the chorus, the modern-style beats, rhythm, melody and even the video was copied from the original remake (first version), "Kaliyon Ka Chaman Jab Banta Hai" by UMI10, featuring Meghna Naidu. This original remake was highly popular amongst the youths in South Asia, though it was almost non-existent within the West due to the language barrier. The first version was therefore only deemed popular to a specific niche market and culture. Although very little was changed to the original remake of the classic song, Truth Hurts' version was more marketable for mainstream release and therefore became more popular internationally whilst the original remake wasn't known to exis, according to wikipedia. Yash Raj Tarang video. Only the ...

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