Yu-Gi-Oh! 138 - 142 (The Final: Yami Marik vs. Yami Yugi)

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Related dueling vid from dayvividnerdvillage Wi-Fi Duel Vs. Atem: www.youtube.com Game play Wc 2007: Vs. Yami Yugi www.youtube.com Vs. Yami Marik www.youtube.com Just for the record, Yami Marik is born from the hatred, loneliness, and his own free will. Marik Ishtar is the tissue of Yami Marik. Unlike all the other Yamis, he's not from the Melenium items. As you already know from the anime seeries. Yami Marik is Ra in human form. Just like Gx, Ra was a spirit who consumed Marik ishtart while he was in the possesion of the Gods. Actually having spent too many times as their barer and the return of the King Atem, somehow Ra found a host. All of these were fortold, that's why Marik's father wrote a secret on Odion's face. While he remain, that should weaken Ra. Also the words were spoken by the previous King before Atem. So as long as this magic is written on a consious body, it represented the previous King who defeated Ra. And Ra shall never set foot where that host is. Sadly evil has their own plans. Marik was tired of the waiting of the Pharoah so he decided for himself to be Pharoah; along with the secret on his back. ...Odion lost consciousness...Yami Marik (aka Ra) finally appear and wants and willing to destroy the world except for himsef. As father, the son's the father. King Atem who once again defeated Ra. This is the video of the legendary cards; but sadly it's only wall pic. Also for the animated fan. Even though you don't have the Yu-Gi-Oh! World Championship ...

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