Mandi Nishtulles NISHTULLA SHOW 2010 tallava

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TheBestAlbany Mandi nishtulles nishtulla ervin gonxhi ad sybardhi liri ketit fatmir sula bledar dapa amarda pandora cita sevcet sulltani ernim ibrahimi ilir tironsi klodi rakut vani Lushi tirona marseli selites imbro artur yzeiri astrit qerimi murati muharrem ahmeti amza tairov jeti moli ganiut tallava 2010 2011 live new vasilis saleas artur qerimi artur gunga husnu senlendirici spartak kurteshi (taku) shaban cela orkestrale instrumentale sajmiri shitit bubi albert sula instrumental live restorat kalaja lonto ervin gonxhi tallava saleas husnu selindirici saliokka dasem 2010 2011 durres muharrem ahmeti adi sybardhi shaban cela fatmir sula bledar dapa elbason gezimi veres shpetimi taksim klarinet violin boril cita sevcet sunaj maqedon mandi nishtulla nishtulles style vaniernimi franci mondi vogel

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