Mansoor Malangi - وہ جس کا نام بھی لیا پہیلوں کی اوٹ میں

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To my very good Friends : لیقء احمد چوھدری , (daddo1976 -زاہد مصطفی ), رانا سہیل ارشد (Pakistan) and to all those who like Mansoor Ali Malangi 's singing. There is another video version of this Ghazal present on youtube ,first that is incomplete and second that 's not sung with passion as Mansoor 's early 's singings are like this upload .I hope all of you will agree with me over this fact. Mansoor Malangi (Urdu: منصور ملنگی) is a notable Pakistani singer. He is known for singing Punjabi and Saraiki folk/sufi songs.Mansoor Malangi was born in Garh Maharaja in Jhang District.

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