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Some of the Telugu Old Classics, put together. If u like Telugu Old Classics, then visit my channel for many more telugu old classics: Here i combined 28 telugu old hit songs choosen randomly, both black & white and color, which were all produced in 1970's or earlier. Though there are many more super hit old classics in telugu, i had to restrict with these 28 songs because of the time limit of youtube videos, which is apprximately 10mins. And let me tell u, i made this just to use it as the featured video for my channel. You can find many more old classics on my channel "TeluguOLDisGOLD", in DVD quality and also in widescreen. Here i'm listing all the songs i used in this particular video. 01. Sadiseyako Gaali Sadiseyaboke 02. Chaduvuraani vaadavani digulu chendaku 03. Anaganaga oka raju 04. Yechati nundi veecheno 05. Sundaraangulanu chusina vela 06. Moogavaina yemile 07. Ee vanilo kayilanai 08. Mounamugaane manasu paadina 09. Jalakaalatalalo 10. Sannaga veeche challa gaaliki 11. Kolo koloyanna kolo nasaami 12. Pachani chettu okati 13. Prema yatralaku brundavanamu 14. Siva sankari 15. Sannaga veeche challa gaaliki 2 16. Koppu ninda puvuleme kodala 17. Aynademo aynadi 18. Sheshasailavaasa Srivenkatesa 19. Janani Shivakaamini 20. Vinudu vinudu ramayana gaadha 21. Ghanaa ghana sundara 22. Chitram hai bhalare vichitram 23. Yennenno janmala bandham 24. Yeenaadu kattukunna bommarillu 25. Baabu vinara annadammula katha vokati 26. Srirama parandhaama 27. Bhale ...

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