Faiz Ali Faiz Qawwal - Saif Ullah Noori weh tere wichon rab disda.MOV Nusrat, Qawwali

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Live performance in Utrecht, November 18th 2008. Nusrat 's learner Faiz Ali Faizi Qawwal singing "Ki weh Mukhre to Nazran Hatan Wa, SaifUllah Weh Tereh wichon Rab Disda". The qawwali is sung at a concert in Utrecht, The Netherlands. This qawwali was specially requested by Sahibzada Inayat Ullah Suddle and Dr. (Mohammad Asif) Shahid Iqbal Suddle in remebarance of Hazrat Sakhi SaifUllah Noori of Darbar-E-Qadria-Noshahia in Sialkot.

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