Khuda Humko Aisi Khudai Na De - Chitra Singh Version with Lyrics and Translation

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Bol: Khuda humko aisi khudaai na de Singer: Chitra Singh Lyrics; Bashir Badar Khuda humko aisi khudaai na de Keh apne siva kuchh dekhaai na de Khatavaar samjhe gi duniya tujhe Abb itni zayadah safaai na de Hanso aaj itna keh iss shor mein Sada siskion ki sunaai na de Abhi to badan mein lahoo hai bohat Qalam chheen le, roshnaai na de Khuda aise ahsaas ka nam hai Rahe samne aur dekhaai na de Chitra Singh: Chitra Singh is a famous India-based singer of Urdu/Hindi ghazals and wife of Jagjit Singh, also a prominent ghazal singer. They together remain one of the most popular duet teams and are considered pioneers in modern ghazal singing. Chitra Singh (maiden name Née Dutta), born in a Bengali family had no formal musical training but had strong roots of music in her family and learnt much of her music by listening to her mother's guru. Chitra singh met Jagjit singh in Bombay in late 1960s and both used to sing jingles for various adverts, thus starting a career together. Their career as a duo took off with lanching of The Unforgettables, an album which had several firsts to its credits and which revolutionised the concept of Ghazal ghayaki. Till then, it was confined to mehfils (a musical performance, mainly of ghazals with not a very large audience) and primarily patronized by the elite of the society. Along with ghazals, the duo sang and composed for Hindi, Punjabi and Bengali albums. They contributed to devotional music by releasing albums such as Krishna, Chirag, Hey Ram ...

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