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Abhi to mai jawan hoon.. I am still youthful, अभी तो मे जवान हूँ A legend of voice. phir kahan jayenge ,zannat mein agar jee na laga lout aayenge dekhiye phir apne awam mein ham.. Mk Singers : Malika pukhraj,and her daughter sahira sheyk Music : Malika Pukhraj Lyrics : Hafeez Jalundhari Malika Pukhra 1912 - 2004 was a highly popular singer of PakistanPakistan. .She was generally called as "Malika" meaning "The Queen." She is extremely popular for her rendition of 'Hafeez Jalandhri' , mostly known as 'Abul Asar Hafeez Jalandhri' 14 January 1900 was a Urdu poet, writer and the creator of the poetry of Pakistani anthem.He got the real fame due to his rhythmic Ghazals.The famous ' Shahnama-e-Islam'...'s song, Abhi to main jawan hoon ("I am still youthful"), which is enjoyed by millions not only in Pakistan, but also in India . Her popular numbers were,Lo phir basant aaya and Quli Qutub's Piya baaj piyale piya jaye na and Faiz Ahmed FaizFaiz , is considered by many to be a poet in the great tradition of Urdu poets like Ghalib and Iqbal's... Mere qatil mere dildar mere paas raho... Biography :- Malika Pukhraj, was born in village Mirpur, on the banks of the River Akhnoor, 16 miles from Jammu , and as she grew up her mother moved to Kanak Mandi area of Jammu kashmir. where she spent early years of her life, she was given the name "Malika" at birth, by 'Majzoob', 'Baba Roti Ram, a spiritualist, in AkhnoorAkhnoor. Akhnoor is a town and a notified area committee in ...

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