Pakistani police torture

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This is a video that my cousin made on his cell phone while he was visiting a police station in Pakistan, the police has taken off the boy's shalwar (pakistani pants) and underwear for that matter!! and is beating him with a special kind of shoe called "chittar", its more sort of a torture weapon police uses back there, the guy is begging and crying to leave him, but the cruel cop has no mercy. You can hear the cop is beating him on some one's orders. I have no clue how long the torture went on because the clip is only so long. (the clip is in punjabi) I request you to make appeals to Pakistani government to implement police reforms because this is something that Pakistani police (except police in NWFP) does on routine to any one they bring in for interrogation (update): i asked my cousin if he knew who this guy was, and he informed me that the guy was a pick pocketer caught red handed pick pocketing some one in Anarkali Lahore.


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