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Mera Pind (2008): Movie of Manmohan Singh. A landmark film for Panjabi cinema starring the well known panjabi beauty & movie star Kimi Varma and Harbhajan Mann, the popular Panjabi singer and actor, who plays the lead role. Like the most of Manmohan Singh movies, 'Mera Pind' is a good mix of romance, drama & comic stirring up emotions. Story: It's about Sidhu, a NRI who had decided to settle in his ancestral village . His enterprising initiatives change the yough attitude and transform the entire villagers. Their lives are changed by Sidhu's message spreading the self-empowerment and entrepreneurship in the own land. The village lifted into a prosperous place... An appreciation of hardworking and successful panjabi people. I have extented the video to go with the full song, which is longer than the film version. 'Chand Naal Chandni' is a very romantic & beautiful song sung by Harbhajan Mann & Rani Randeep (original song with different lyrics by Attaullah Khan Essa khailvi). Male: Ambran to uttre ae dharti te aaye hoye ae You came down to the earth from the sky Female: Tere naal main jive chann naal taara hai I'm with you like a star with moon Wah! Wah! NOTE: I don't found the original songtext, so I wrote out the following lyrics by ear: Rani: Chann naal chandni Taare naal lo mahiya Harbhajan: Chann naal chandni Taare naal lo sohniye [Raj raj tak lain de Zara samne khlo sohniye ] x 2 Rani: Chann naal chandni Taare naal lo mahiya [ Teri aa main teri sohniya Aave kam lana ...

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