Miley Cyrus showing her boobs!

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OK, IF YOU CLICKED ON THE VIDEO "MILEY CYRUS SHOWING HER BOOBS" YOU ARE ALSO A PERV LIKE TONS OF YOU ARE CALLING ME, PLZ READ DESCRIPTION! and btw, why the hell would i be gay if i posted a picture of Miley Cyrus's breast? thats not very gay for my opinion, i've tought about removing this video. And IF you want me to Remove it Comment: YES, I DO. and after enoough comments i will remove the video. Ok, To EVERYONE out there calling me a perv. I am not a 51 year old man hitting on a 15 year old girl -.-. and, i wanted to show this video to all if you because i wanted to see some opinions about it, and what the producers didnt see. so plz, stop calling me a perv and comment what YOU think about it. So think before u comment. and btw, plz not any nasty comments, like: i wanna ***** her shes so ***** ... its gross, and will be moved eventually. in the episode Lily's mom got it goin ' on.. i found this, check it out. the video and picture is all Disney Channels. i take no credit.


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