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I was among the audience when in late 70's PTv invited Salim Raza to Tv Show "Nikhaar" He had left singing many years ago and was on a private visit from Canada to Pakistan yet he entertained us and the thousand of viewers who watched him perform. It was this unfortunate trip that he was diagnosed with Hypertension and Diabetes Mellitus. but I never knew when i'll see him again just a few years later, I wont be able to recognise him cuz of deteriorated health. During Nikhaar Show he was very chirpy, live n kicking and a bit bulky. I got this video after his death and honestly speaking I cudnt believe it was him till he sang. This is how Life deals with us. You cant fight destiny. He was an icon starting from mid 50's till He migrated to Vancouver, Canada, in 1975. He was called Talat Mehmood of Pakistan cuz of his Sad songs but his other solos and romantic duets were equally popular and also he sang to a higher pitch than Talat in a few songs. According to many he started his career in Film Qatil in 1955 but i have an 78rpm record of Film Sohni which dates 1954 though movie was released in 1955. It says "Hum Teri Yaad mein Royein Gay" May be I can upload it on his Birthday :) Today is 25 November. Death Anniversary of Salim Raza so I am releasing a rare video of him which is not only a premier on YouTube but a gift to many of his fans across the world. Before I describe his sonographic details leme share an important event from his life with you. It is about his professionalism. Year is 1957. Film is Noor-e-Islam. Keep in mind that Salim Raza had already earned fame till that time by singing in movies like Naukar, Chann Mahi, Haqeeqat, Haatim, Mirza Sahiban (MD. Khwaja Khurshid Anwar), Sabira, Bedaari, Daata and Ishq-e-Laila. Observing his Superhit "Kar Saari Khatayein Muaaf Meri" in Daata, he was called by Music Director Hassan Latif for a Naat/Kasheed of Naeem Hashmi which reads "Shah-e-Madina Yasrab kay Waali" Salim Raza was a Christian but with a broadmind and professional approach he said YES to Hassan Latif and agreed to record it laters. Someone from nowhere reported this to his family and the news got to his community. When he came home he was asked by elders to handover the script of Naat to them. There was a line in it after Shah-e-Madina Yasrab kay waali.. It was Saaray Nabi Teray Dar kay Sawaali. Obviously this was absolutely against the religious teachings of Christianity and unacceptable for the family. They asked him to apologise and refuse from recording it. Salim Raza had only one logic "I have given my commitment for it" They got angry. He was pressurised from friends and family members but he stood firm. Gradually his whole family and community managed a boycot against him. and look what he got in reward.. Naat became so popular in the whole country that Naeem Hashmi had to write its extension which was happily performed by Salim Raza and free of cost this time :) Even today this Naat is ranked in Top Most Filmy Naats and so many have repeated it on Tv channels and even in daily life in religious gatherings like Mehfil-e-Meelaad. It is also claimed that Salim Raza had accepted Islam as religion and this was one of the factors that he left Pakistan and shifted to Canada cuz of immense pressure from his family and Christian community. God knows better. May Allah mercy on the departed soul. Enjoy the song plz. Regards Dr.Bukhari

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