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Cosmology and the Qur'an

This debate is a refutation of Dr. Richard Carrier's article, "Cosmology and the Quran", in which he attempt to point out that Islam is incompatible with modern science. The debate took place over the infidelguy radio show. Since the debate, Dr. Carrier has revised his article and removed many of the gross errors, but yet, he left in and reworded many of his false arguments. Thus, Dr. Carrier was unsuccessful in demonstrating even a single scientific error in the Quran. The original article is no longer on the internet. Dr. Carrier writes for The Secular Web on The Topic of Debate: Cosmology and the Qur'an Nadir Ahmed ( vs. Dr. Richard Carrier ( For further information on upcoming or previous debates click here
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Pashtun Dancer Gul Ghotai Barakzai - Sexy Pashto Belly Dance

Gul Ghotai Barakzai - Sexy Pashto Belly Dance pashtun pashtoon pashto pashtu pushtu pashton pakhton pakhtun pakhtoon pakhto pukhtu pakhtu pashtunistan pashtoonistan pakhtoonistan pakhtunistan hamid karzai abdur rahman zahir shah nadir khan taraki najibullah ahmadzai parchami khalqi taliban mullah omar ahmad shah durrani abdali multani kandahar ghilzai mangal paktia paktika khost khowst wardak loy afghanistan afghan attan afghani national anthem loya jirga afghanistani uzbek uzbeki baloch balochi tajik dari farsi parsi persian hazaragi hazara turkmen afghanistani khushal khan khattak dost mohammed khan watanforoshi hamjenzbazi barakzai barkzai
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AMAR SONAR MOINA PAKHI Music & Lyric Poet Jasim Uddin: Singer Neena Hamid

Jasim Uddin wrote and tuned folk songs which are still celebrated in the air and sky of Bengal. Jasim Uddin not only famous composer but he gave all the tunes of his music which is documented in gramophone records. Jasim Uddin collected several thousands of folk music from rural Bengal under the guidance of Prof. Dinesh Chandra Sen as a ramtanu Lahiri Scholar. He has written two books "Jari Gan and Murshida gan". The songs like O Amar Daradi, O Tui Jare aghat Hanlire, Nadir Kul Nai, O Amar Gahin Ganger Naya, Oi Shon Kadambo Tale ke, Ujan Ganger Naya. 'Nishite Jaio Phulo Bane', 'Prano shokhi re oi shone kodombo tole' or 'O amar dorodi age janle' and many others still persist and have been the backbone of Bengali folk music in this country. By the time he was a student at Faridpur Rajendra College his poetry had already won him some fame. Kobor (Graves) was prescribed as the text for the Matriculation Examination at Calcutta University when Jasim Uddin was still a student in the 1. A. Class (Rajenra College, under Calcutta University, 1927) At the age of 20, Jasim Uddin became famous all over Bengal. Prof. Dinnesh Chanra Sen appointed him as a Ramtanu Laheri scholar. He published famous poetry books in 1927 Rakhali, 1928 Nakshi Kather Math, 1931 Baluchar, 1933 Dhankhet, 1933 Sujon Badier Ghat and in 1934 Hashu (Poems for Children) published from Kolkata by renown publishers (Calcutta). Prof. Aminul Islam, University of Ohio writes that during the time of Ramtanu Lahari ...
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Shahdadkot Invite Mir Nadir Khan Magsi at Kamred WM Maganahar in Sindh Tv office sdkt

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